Röösli relies entirely on the power of bees. That is our philosophy.

The effects of bee products are still relatively unknown in Switzerland. This is where Röösli wants to start. We use the natural active ingredients of bee products and combine them in our Röösli cosmetics and bee products.

Quality and naturalness are our focus and are guaranteed for each of our products:


  • The products honey and beeswax used for the cosmetics come from our own beekeeping.
  • All of our products are developed with professional help and go through an intensive selection and evaluation process.
  • It has always been and is important to us that our products reflect Swiss quality. That's why all of our products are developed, evaluated and produced in Switzerland in collaboration with professional partners.
  • Our cosmetic products are natural cosmetics.
  • They are paraffin-free and petroleum-free.
  • They are dermatologically tested, including for allergy sufferers.

Bee products

  • Röösli bee products contain a variety of nutrients and vital substances that come from the natural products of the honey bee.
  • We obtain our bee products with the best expertise and in a way that is as animal-friendly as possible.
  • Today we are a leader in Switzerland in the distribution of bee products through pharmacies and drugstores.
  • All of our bee products are certified according to Swiss standards.

The core ingredients of our cosmetics and bee products and what you need to know about their effects

Honey: Honey consists of around 80% sugar and also contains natural enzymes, proteins and minerals. The high sugar content in honey binds moisture, which is why it has a moisture-retaining effect on the skin. In this way, cosmetics with honey can plump the skin and reduce wrinkles when used regularly. The secondary plant substances it contains, the polyphenols, support the process by catching free radicals and in this way provide additional protection against skin aging. Due to the anti-inflammatory effectiveness of the enzymes contained in honey, cosmetics containing honey are often used to care for irritated skin. As a result, bee honey has become established as a natural additive in the cosmetics industry.

Beeswax : The wax is produced by bees using their abdominal glands and is used to form honeycombs. Compared to fats and oils, beeswax is harder, more porous and less oily. As a result, it forms a light waxy protective film on the skin and thus retains additional moisture. Cosmetics containing beeswax also have a pleasant cooling effect when applied. The use of products with beeswax is particularly suitable for dry and cracked skin.

Propolis: The name propolis comes from Greek and means “in front of the city”, which best describes its effect: protection against any intruders. The bees collect plant resins from the region and mix them with wax and their own secretions, creating natural propolis. It serves to seal the beehive and protects against fungal and mold infestation. Propolis therefore has an anti-inflammatory and revitalizing effect and strengthens the immune system. It is not for nothing that it is often referred to as the strongest natural antibiotic.

Royal jelly: Royal jelly, also known as queen food juice or royal jelly, is a secretion that worker bees secrete. It owes its name to its function in nature: it serves as the sole food for the queen bee. Royal jelly consists of 70% water and contains a variety of ingredients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. As a result of its strengthening composition, queen bees grow faster and live longer than the worker bees in a bee colony. And royal jelly also has a health-promoting effect on humans. It stimulates oxygen absorption in muscles and tissue, strengthens the immune system and supports regeneration processes.

Further information about the products can be found on the official website of the Swiss Association for Apitherapy.